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    We Speak Software
    You’ve taken a hard look at the software that powers your business.
    It’s time for a more intelligent solution.
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    Delivering Serious Software Solutions
    Everything you need to develop and secure enterprise mobile apps.
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    What We Do
    We build, test, deploy, and maintain custom software applications.

Our Expertise

We design and develop a wide range of custom software solutions.

Shape your idea or project

We work with you to think through the intricacies of your idea. We use tools like product roadmaps, wireframes, mockups, and user stories.


We create engaging mobile app experiences and visual journeys that delight users throughout each step.

App and Web development

We engineer high-performance web applications, mobile web apps, mobile-optimized websites, and native-wrapped websites.

Improve your application

Once your product launches, we'll continue to build features and support the application as necessary.

Company Achievements

When you work with us, our awesomeness could be YOUR awesomeness in the future. That's a whole lotta awesome. But don't just take our word for it. See our portfolio. Read our resources. Study our stats.

Projects Delivered

Downloaded apps

Winning Awards

Tech Events

Our Awesome Work

Over 50 apps designs created. Over 1,000 downloaded apps. Over 10,000 lines of codes.



Natura Inicia

Natura Inicia

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Equifax Experto

Comuni San Isidro

Comuni San Isidro

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Ama Edu!

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Portfolio 1


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Do you have a project? Have an idea?

Our Clients

We work with well-known brands and promising startups to bring innovative ideas to reality.

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Social media is a blur of tweets, shares and content. No longer is it just used by the young and the restless. It is global and embedded in every corner of the web.


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Our Team

Horses Developers people came here to do the best work of their careers. Some left other jobs because they weren’t allowed to do the work they were capable of, and some simply wanted to learn and be challenged daily.

Team Member

Alejandro García

CEO, Creative Director

Team Member

Piero Ramos

COO, Project Manager

Team Member

Brian Castillo

CTO, Technical Leader

Team Member

Flor de María Revilla

CCO, Marketing & Sales

Contact Us!

Horses Developer Headquarters

1586 Javier Prado Avenue, 6th Floor
Lima, Peru